Nuala English

I worked with Lisa on a few occasions and I gained so much from it, both personally as well as
professionally. My hope was that I would get support around some decisions I needed to make at that time
in my life. The information and guidance I got from Lisa helped me to put plans in place, day by day, one
at a time if needed, working towards a positive change in my career and in turn, setting up my own Florist
business. Lisa gave me handy tips and useful techniques to help deal with challenges. She showed me
how to be accountable to myself when it came to starting my own business. It was that encouragement
and support which helped me to take the steps necessary and I am so grateful to her. I still use the
techniques on a daily basis and have integrated these into my life to help me when I face difficulties. If anyone is considering getting in touch with Lisa, do it!! You won’t regret it.


I was feeling a little lost and unproductive for almost a year and knew that I needed to find my spark again. Working with Lisa has helped me to totally reconnect with myself and realise the parts of me that I was not tuned into. There has been a huge shift in my mindset & energy now that I have given myself this time to check back in with myself. I am excited by life again and have really learned to step out of my comfort zone in doing things that I never thought I would.

Marie-Claire Jennequin founder

The THRIVE programme has without a doubt been the most productive 8 weeks of my life!

When I began I was almost ready to give up on business, I was struggling and had no clear direction. THRIVE helped me to plan for the future of my business and to find clarity around what I want from my business. Before THRIVE, I had a huge belief that I was a ‘technophobe’. Through the amazing mentoring and coaching with Anne-Marie and Lisa, I now have clear systems in place to keep my business running smoothly and I even created my own website. These wonderful business women are still always on hand with expert advice to offer support, guidance and encouragement. My business is thriving now, and so am I.

Simon, Cork

Lisa’s energy and passion for her clients’ success is something that really stands out in our sessions. She is right there in your corner, supporting you and cheering you on but will also call you out on something when needed. I have learned so much about myself through our time together and in three months, I can honestly say that I’ve made some big shifts in my life.

Janet B

I spent 4 weeks working 1:1 with Lisa and it completely changed my mindset and my attitude towards the path to achieving my goals and forming lasting habits. Lisa’s lovely manner makes you feel that your biggest aspirations are just as important to her and that you will work towards achieving them together. In the two months since I’ve worked with Lisa, I have been able to take so many of my goals, big and small, and break them down into achievable steps using the tools Lisa gave me and make steps towards making them reality. Lisa is so kind and warm and she was so lovely to speak to every week. I looked forward to our zoom sessions every Monday and I would recommend her to everyone.

Cian M

I contacted Lisa because I’m self employed and was a bit all over the place. It was a bit daunting at the start as I was a bit overwhelmed, but when I put the work in over the weeks, the more effort I put in and the more I chipped away at it, I could see the results. Lisa really helped me to get more organised and clear which made me feel so much more in control of my situation and my business.

Pamela Lee

Lisa has been absolutely integral to my progress professionally and personally in the time we’ve been working together. It’s been almost two years and she continues to motivate, inspire and impress me with her insight and integrity every time we speak. As a professional offshore sailor, the challenges that I tackle with Lisa are never straightforward, but she doesn’t bat an eye-lid and continues to develop her strategies and advice in-line with my unconventional career and lifestyle demands, most of all I always feel understood.

The ‘practices’ we have developed together have become daily life-savers – from simply keeping a cool head, to planning big picture goals and dreams. I see Lisa as a member of my team and I’m looking forward to continuing our work together!